Privacy Policy


2.1 Kuxxx takes the security of your information seriously. To protect the interests of users, Kuxxx provides a Privacy Policy at Kuxxx that explains in detail Kuxxx's privacy practices. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for how Kuxxx collects and uses information in connection with the User's Account and / or use of the Service ("User Information"). These Terms of Service are closely related to the Privacy Policy. By using the Service or providing information on the Kuxxx Site, the User:

a. authorize Kuxxx to collect, use, publish and / or process the Content, your personal data and User Information as set forth in the Privacy Policy;

b. agree and acknowledge that, to the extent permitted by relevant law, the User Information will be jointly owned by you and Kuxxx; and

c. will not, whether directly or indirectly, disclose the User Information to any third party, or by any other means permitting any third party to access or use the Information. Your Users.

2.2 Where the User owns the personal data of another User through the use of the Service (the "Receiving Party") hereby agrees that, he will (i) comply with all laws. on protecting the safety of personal information related to such information; (ii) allow the User who is the owner of the personal information collected by the Information Recipient (the "Disclosure Party") to delete his / her information collected from the premises. Information Receiver's data; and (iii) permit the Discloser to review information collected about them by the Recipient, in accordance with or as required by applicable legal regulations.